Judy Zitzloff

Judy Zitzloff

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A few days ago, two of my dearest Trainer/Coach friends and I were having yet another one of our conversations about finding passion and purpose in life.  One of my friends mentioned that she was reading the book, "Why Am I Here" by Matthew Kelly, with her Grandchildren.  Having 5 Grandchildren myself, coupled with my never ending quest for inspiring people to bring out their best selves, it piqued my interest.  In my typical fashion, I rushed to amazon.com to purchase the book.

The book arrived today and I can't wait to gather my Grandchildren together to read and discuss the book.  Warning: do not be deceived by the fact is is a children's book.  In fact, the author himself says "Why Am I Here? is a remarkable lesson for children of all ages about living with passion and purpose."  After all, aren't we all children at heart?  Truthfully, I wish I would have read this book when I was a child as it teaches a most important life skill.  The book is a story about a curious child, Max, who loves spending time with his Grandpa and one day Max asked his Grandpa the ultimate question, "Why am I here?" and his Grankpa suggests that Max is here to become the best version of himself.

It is a thought provoking story and idea that becomes the touchstone for Max's decision making that guides his words and actions,and it fosters a remarkable self awareness.  It will be a catalyst for every reader to ask themselves the question, "Will this help me become the best version of myself?"   And, isn't that the ultimate goal we all strive towards - "becoming the best version of ourselves"?  It is a story about courage, determination, and a commitment to making wise choices.  You, too, may want to rush out to purchase this book.  In fact, "Become the Best Version of Yourself" is written on the blackboard in ny office as a constant reminder to think about the choices I make.

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